Our Comprehensive Services

Each family is different with different needs, Apiari prides itself in allowing each family to create the right level of support it needs through comprehensive services.

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Mix and choose how often and when you need our services.  


Full postpartum services


starting at $100 per session

(minimum 4 hours per session)

Childcare only - tending only to the children, our sitters will play and interact with the children, helping them get dressed and with homework if needed.

Children Meal Preparation - preparing children's breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks.


starting at $130 per session

(minimum 4 hours per session) 

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General Childcare - general newborn care (changing diapers, feeding and burping), toddler care, tending to older siblings.

Cooking – Some meals are just better prepared at home. Using your recipes to cook for the entire family.

Light House Cleaning – tidying apartment, cleaning dishes, washing small loads of laundry, taking out garbage and recycling, changing bedding, etc.

Errands - from picking up older children from school and activities to collecting up groceries, dry cleaning, prescription, etc.

Postpartum Doula 

starting at $240 per session

(minimum 4 hours per session) 

Maternal Care – providing post-birth emotional and physical recovery support to ensure proper healing.

Newborn Care & Education – Caring for newborn as well as helping parents develop confidence in changing, bathing, soothing, swaddling and cord care.

Lactation Support - helping those who choose to breastfeed overcome any lactation issues - including milk production, latching, pumping.

Light Housekeeping – to "mother the mother," our doulas will help with light house cleaning as well as prepare meals for the family. 

Baby Night Nurse

starting at $325 per night

(minimum 10 hours)

Maternal Care – providing post-birth recovery care, helping those who choose to breastfeed with latching, pumping and milk storage. 

Newborn Care – changing, cleaning and core care for newborn as well as soothing and swaddling.

Toddler Care – tending to older children to allow parents to sleep through the night.

Dinner Covered - we provide dinner stipend for our nurses, so you don't have worry about her meals.

Bedding Included – No special accommodations needed.  Our night attendant will bring her own portable cot and bedding.

Home Cleaners

$30/hour per person

Price is based on your cleaning needs and home configuration. Contact us for price estimate.

Basic Cleaning – General tidying, dusting or wiping surfaces, cleaning dishes, washing and changing of sheets, scrubbing toilets, tubs and sink, cleaning floors, emptying garbage and recycling. 

Cleaning Supplies Provided – Cleaners will bring the solutions, supplies and equipment needed to clean your home. 


Access to Other Specialists

Lactation Experts – We have developed relationships with board-certified, highly experienced lactation consultants to ensure successful breastfeeding.

Mental Health Counselors – when baby blues turn into postpartum depression, we have a network of trusted therapists who can help parents adjust to the new changes in their lives.

Sleep Trainers – around 3 months of age, pediatricians will let you know if your baby is ready for sleep training. Our vetted sleep trainers can help you establish the right schedule for you baby to make sleep training easier for you and your baby. 

Pediatricians - let pediatricians come to your home for your newborn's first week well-visit or for any urgent care sick visit.

Get in touch to let us help you have the right type help.