Apiari was born shortly after the birth of Ming's second daughter. Sleep deprived and exhausted from caring for a newborn and a toddler, she needed help to get some must needed rest. After several unsuccessful attempts at cobbling various services together, she thought there must be a better way!

Along with co-founders Chevi and Yi-Hsian, Ming launched Apari, a nod to nature's best support system where together the queen and her team of worker bees all keep the hive buzzing!

Meet Our Founders


Ming Doray

Ming is a mother of two. Having lived in China, India and Singapore, Ming is familiar with the holistic postpartum support that many Asian women receive as a matter of right after giving birth.

Now living halfway across the globe from her extended family, she found herself struggling after giving birth. The all-nighters Ming pulled at her law firm were nothing compared to the grueling task of caring for her newborn, let alone for herself.

The challenge multiplied when she had her second child. She firmly believes that with the proper resources in place, women and their families can, and should, have the help that they need to make their transition to parenthood a healthy and happy one.


Chevi Silk

Chevi Silk is a mother of six, stepmother of two, and grandmother of a little boy and girl. She practices family medicine and women's health in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

Over the years, she saw many patients, Ming and other friends struggle in the postpartum period. Their experience were in stark contrast to hers, mainly because of how traditional Jewish society pampers and cares for the "kimpaturin" (postpartum woman).

Chevi aspires to share this traditional wisdom of postpartum care with women of all cultures to maximize the long-term health and well-being of the families in the US and beyond.


Yi-Hsian Godfrey

Yi-Hsian (pronounced "E-Schwan") is a mother of two elementary school-aged children. Granddaughter of a midwife and head obstetrician and great-great granddaughter of a traditional Chinese medicine doctor to the imperial courts of China, her family is a strong believer and practitioner of traditional Chinese medicine wisdom.  

Having defied Chinese postpartum confinement practices after birthing her daughter, she sat more dutifully after the birth of her son and can attest to the benefits of a well-rested postpartum period.  

She is now committed to turning the dreaded postpartum confinement into a much anticipated postpartum retreat for all.