Our Rates

Who knew hiring part-time help can be so rewarding?  

The more hours or services you need per week, the lower our hourly fees.  


Childcare & Housekeeping

Our standard daytime help rates are as follows:

- $30/hr for bookings* under 15 hours a week  

- $25/hr for bookings 15-29 hours a week 

- $22.50/hr for bookings over 30 hours a week

* A $25 fee will be applied to bookings less than 4 hours


Night Nurse

Starting at $280 for a single 10-hr night for single child (extra $50 for additional child)

- 5% discount for a 5-night a week booking


PostPartum Doulas

$240 for a minimum 4-hr day session

- $60 per additional hour

- 5% discount for a 5-day a week booking

- 10% discount for bookings longer than 2 weeks


Additional $25 travel fee may be added for any service bookings starting past 9:30pm or ending before 6am.

Clients also have the option to call and pay for car service home directly for our attendants.