Goji Berry Tea - Two ways

According to Chinese medicinal principles, the tea "cools the liver" and "clears the eye". In other words, the tea helps balance your body if it is too "heaty" (e.g. if you've had too much oily or sugary foods), and if your eyes are tired from staring at a computer screen all day!

Here are a couple of my favorite gogi berry based teas. My daughter Arya also loves eating the sweet gogi berries after they have been plumped up!

Chrysanthemum Goji Berry Tea:


  • 12-20 goji berries

  • Handful of dried chrysanthemum flowers (about 20 flowers)

Instructions: Put goji berries and chrysanthemum flowers in a teapot. Boil water, let cool for a few minutes before adding water to teapot. This allows you to release the flavors of the chrysanthemum without burning the flowers. Steep for 10-15 minutes. 


Clockwise from top left: chrysanthemum, gogi berries, longans and red dates

Clockwise from top left: chrysanthemum, gogi berries, longans and red dates

Restorative Goji Red Dates Tea: 

This red date tea version restores heat to the body by improving blood circulation. An especially restorative drink for women after giving birth.


  • Handful of goji berries

  • 6 small red dates or 3 large red dates

  • 10-15 dried longans


  1. Bring a small pot of water to boil.

  2. Rinse dates and longans and add to boiling water. Simmer for 10-15 minutes on low heat.

Optional: Serve with a small teaspoon of brown sugar or raw honey.

Breakfast twist: add a poached egg.   

You should be able to find most of these ingredients at your local health food store. If not, contact us.

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