Ease into parenthood with confidence.

Our newborn specialists are well-versed in both traditional and modern postpartum care practices, we will ALWAYS respect the parents' choices and provide 100% non-judgmental support


Thank you so much for being a lifeline for us after the birth of our daughter. Our night nurse, kept us sane in the early days of 12 feedings a day. I loved going to one place for our postpartum needs. I can’t recommend Apiari enough!
— Lauren S. (Upper West Side, NYC)

Night Nurses

Our night nurses tend to newborns and toddlers during the night.  We match night nurses based on clients’ needs - such as experience with preemies and multiples.  Our night nurses can also help parents get the baby into a night schedule. 

Maternal Care – providing post-birth recovery care, helping those who choose to breastfeed with latching, pumping and milk storage

Newborn Care – changing, cleaning and core care for newborn as well as soothing and swaddling

Toddler Care – tending to older children to allow parents to sleep through the night



Sometimes we just need a pair of extra hands to help around the house after childbirth. Our "Jill-of-All-Trades," the housekeeper can do just that! 

Cooking - helping from meal prep to full meals. 

Cleaning – helping with laundry, tidying and cleaning around the house.

Errands - picking up groceries, going to post office, dry cleaners, picking up medication

Newborn Care – helping care for the baby while you get some daytime rest

Childcare – tending to other children while you focus on the baby. Help with school drop off and pick up, taking to activities and playdates.