Ease into parenthood with confidence.

Our newborn specialists are well-versed in both traditional and modern postpartum care practices, we will ALWAYS respect the parents' choices and provide 100% non-judgmental support


Thank you so much for being a lifeline for us after the birth of our daughter. Our night nurse, kept us sane in the early days of 12 feedings a day. I loved going to one place for our postpartum needs. I can’t recommend Apiari enough!
— Lauren S. (Upper West Side, NYC)

Night Nurses

Our night nurses tend to newborns and toddlers during the night.  We match night nurses based on clients’ needs - such as experience with preemies and multiples.  Our night nurses can also help parents get the baby into a night schedule. 

Maternal Care – providing post-birth recovery care, helping those who choose to breastfeed with latching, pumping and milk storage

Newborn Care – changing, cleaning and core care for newborn as well as soothing and swaddling

Toddler Care – tending to older children to allow parents to sleep through the night

Dinner on Us - nurse's dinner stipend covered by us


PostPartum Doulas

We often call them our Baby Whisperers as they can help parents decipher the various types of crying and teach them ways to soothe a baby. They are often great for first time parents who like to build their baby care confidence. 

Lactation Support - helping those who choose to breastfeed overcome any lactation issues - including milk production, latching, pumping

Light Housekeeping – to "mother the mother," our doulas will help with light house cleaning as well as prepare meals for the family

Maternal Care – providing post-birth emotional and physical recovery support to ensure proper healing

Newborn Care & Education – Caring for newborn as well as helping parents develop confidence in changing, bathing, soothing, swaddling and cord care


Sometimes we just need a pair of extra hands to help around the house after childbirth. Our "Jill-of-All-Trades," the housekeeper can do just that! 

Cooking - helping from meal prep to full meals. 

Cleaning – helping with laundry, tidying and cleaning around the house.

Errands - picking up groceries, going to post office, dry cleaners, picking up medication

Newborn Care – helping care for the baby while you get some daytime rest

Childcare – tending to other children while you focus on the baby. Help with school drop off and pick up, taking to activities and playdates.