Apiari was born out of our own needs and dreams of having ONE service that can provide exceptional and trusted part-time help for our busy lives - from housework to childcare to eldercare.


Whether it’s newborn care, child care, eldercare, cleaning, cooking, Apiari only offer and retain the best providers.


As your Chief Household Officer, let us handle all the HR work (finding, interviewing, vetting, training and paying).


Apiari provides backup support when your regular caretaker or cleaner is out sick or on vacation. 


Meet Our Founders


Yi-Hsian GodfreY

Yi-Hsian (pronounced "E-Schwan") is a big picture thinker with a knack for creating impactful products, services and customer experiences. She is unafraid to tackle the unknowns in life and business. Former startup board member, marketing executive turned entrepreneur, she lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two elementary school-age children. 


Chevi Silk

Chevi thrives in bringing out the best in all of us and works with our team on the ground to deliver exceptional service. Her passion for women’s health developed over the years as a healthcare provider and while mothering her brood. Chevi understands the challenges of a working parent and that to keep a modern household running, one needs modern solutions to age old issues. Chevi resides in Brooklyn with her husband and three of their children.


MingZhang Zeng

Ming is passionate about social infrastructures that make the world a better place. As a go-to advisor on US-China deals, Ming has helped her clients form billion-dollar private equity funds, finance renewable energy projects and invest in cleantech. A mother, lawyer and entrepreneur, Ming believes that “having it all” means having the help to let you do it all. Ming lives in Brooklyn with her family and a dog named Albus.